Darry Optical LAB, is equipped with the latest & World-class equipments, which can perfectly provide you the prescription RX lens as expected.

--- full sets of Gerber Coburn LAB machines 

--- full sets of Satis-Loh Free Form machines, with gorgeous PAL designs

--- quality and professional hard coating machines-IL SUNG, from South Korea

--- Top AR-coating machine from Satis-Loh

Products Availability:

Single Vision

1.499(Sph),1.56(Sph,Asp),1.60(Sph,Asp),1.67(Sph,Asp), Photochromic


FT28(1.499,1.56, Photochromic)

RT(1.499,1.56, Photochromic)

BlendedTop(1.499,1.56, Phtochromic)


Long (1.499,1.56,1.61, Photochromic)

Short (1.499,1.56,1.61, Photochromic)

Free Form

(1.499,1.56,1.61,1.67, Polarized,Photochromic)

Rx Special Process

Prism, Tinting, knife-edge, Dencentration

Edging and Assembly

Coating-HC/HMC/Super Hydrophobic/Carbonium


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