The MR Series is a line of optical materials with high refractive index, high Abbe number, low specific gravity and high impact resistance. The lens material is suitable for ophthalmic lenses and is known as the first thiourethane based high-index lens material. Offered in a variety of grades, MR Series yields safe, clear and lightweight lenses for optical users.

1.61 Single Vision Lens and 1.61 Progressive Technical Data:

1.Material:MR-8 ,manufactory Mitsui(Japan)

2. Refractive Index (25℃):n(d)=1.594;   n(e)=1.597

3. Abbe Value:41

4. Specific Gravity (20℃): 1.3

1.67 MR-7 High Index Single Vision lens

1. Material: MR-7

2. Index: 1.665

3. Abbe value: 32

4. Specific Gravity: 1.35

5. Transmission: Over 97%

6. UV400


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