Hi-impact TRIVEX Single Vision SHMC Lens


1.61 Trivex lens

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:Darry

Lenses Material:Trivex

Vision Effect:Single Vision


Lenses Color:clear


Sph Range:0 to -10 / 0 to +6

Cyl:0 to -2.00

Product Name:1.61 ASP Hi-impact Single Vision SHMC Lens



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Trivex is a new material that is stronger, more durable and clearer than standard polycarbonate, making it one of the best materials for prescription eyeglasses on the market.


Trivex. It is similar to polycarbonate, but has some distinct advantages.


high impact resistance


This ensures safety and minimizes the risk of injury for those with an active lifestyle.


light and comfortable


Trivex has a lower density ratio than other standard plastics. It is one of the lighter materials used for lenses.




Designed with aspherical lenses, the Trivex improves comfort due to its slimmer profile.




If you want to protect your glasses from scratches, you can apply a scratch-resistant coating.


optical clarity


Trivex has a high Abbe number for clean, sharp vision.




Lenses made of Trivex provide 100% UV protection against UV-A and UV-B radiation.


No internal stress


Unlike most polycarbonate lenses, Trivex lenses are pressure-free inside. This means that such lenses are less likely to break under pressure, such as thick frames.


Disadvantages of Trivex lenses


low availability

Polycarbonate is more common than Trivex in different lens designs.


not thin enough

Lenses made of Trivex do not offer the same thinness as high index lenses.


high cost

Trivex is superior to many other lens materials. However, between coatings and eyeglass types, Trivex lenses are expensive in comparison.


For optimal comfort, vision and appearance, it is best to have an anti-reflective coating on Trivex lenses.


This coating eliminates reflected light from the front and rear surfaces of the lens, giving the lens a crystal-clear appearance.


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