The material of the glasses frame

March 28, 2023
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Choosing a pair of frames that suits you and is comfortable is more important than choosing lenses for many people. If the glasses you choose are not suitable for you, they will be uncomfortable to wear, or there will be pressure, and you will feel dizzy and headache after a long time. But do you know what kind of material the frame is made of? What are the characteristics of these materials?


1. Metal material: Titanium metal frames and titanium alloy frames are more popular among metal frames. Titanium is 48% lighter than ordinary metals. It has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high stability and high strength.


2. Acetate material: The acetate frame is a kind of frame that is more popular now. The advantages of the material in terms of shape and material are incomparable to other materials. Acetate is actually a new type of plastic, light and hard, not easy to deform, but the surface is easily corroded by sweat. The characteristics of the acetate are: high strength, strong, good quality and durable.


3.TR90 material: TR90 is an upgraded acetate, made of polymer material. Its characteristics: harmless to the human body, wear-resistant and high toughness, and it is lighter than ordinary plates, reducing the pressure on the bridge of the nose.


4. Ultem material: This material does not contain a little metal, and it is also a high-strength molecular material. It is lighter than TR90, and its corrosion resistance and strength are also higher.




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