Do you know what are eyeglsses lenses?

February 10, 2023

Introduction of glasses lenses

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      In today's digital age, we need to face many electronic products in our daily work and study. Eye disease has become the most difficult problem to avoid in the digital age, and it is becoming more and more difficult to protect eyesight. The number of myopia is increasing year by year and the age of myopia is getting younger and younger. Failure to wear corrective glasses in time will increase the load on the eyes and cause irreversible damage.

      Many people know that myopia needs to wear corrective glasses, but do you know what the glasses lenses for correcting vision are? Today's article will briefly introduce glasses lenses to you.

      Spectacle lenses are actually a very common item in daily life. People who don't know them will think they are the same thing, but the lenses are very different after careful study.There are many ways to classify lenses, which can be classified according to the material, function and surface treatment process of the lens.

      Spectacle lenses can be divided into resin lenses, glass lenses, PC lenses, nylon lenses, AC lenses, and polarized lenses according to different materials. According to the function of use, it can be divided into daily general-purpose lenses, protective lenses, and multi-focal lenses. According to surface processing, it can be divided into spherical lens and aspheric lens.

      This is the end of today's introduction, and the next article will introduce the material of the lens to you.


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